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The New Wife

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She was better than a Harvey Wallbanger a Screwdriver or a White Russian.


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The day he was servedwith divorce papersin the drivewayhe came to our roomand looking perplexedsaid, "Does this meanwe can't have sex tonight?"Things changedbut all things consideredthings haven't changed much.

Shining Against Each Other

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They keep shining against each other

Almost There

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Who needs a penis?


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He likes to watch me, unseen,in the head heavy with griefleaning against the cold tiles;my bulging bellyoverhanging with untold secrets;my Botticelli flankaching from a neglected spine;the clear waterrunning down my legsdiffused with the urineof failed…

Kissing Cobras

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She administers the alkaloids slowly, soaking the muscles in blight, the body tissue beneath into corrosion.


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Reading for a crowd one evening I felt/ the women’s eyes kissing my temples and/ neck, sucking my earlobes and lower lip.

Ed, Dick Allen, Me, and other Sexual Things

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Lust lobbed sideways every Tuesday from Ed's tongue; skimmed the blackboard and passed under the desks to land squarely in my crotch.


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Talking to Shakespeare by the riverside, I am saddened by my lust for women, how my eyes fixate on the spit that passes from top to bottom lip as they talk to me.

Solar Plexus

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It’s always something that cloud nine kind of thing, ruby shoes and ecstasy

Common Password Profile Users: God, Love, Lust, Money, and Private

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She leans to see fresh bruises in dawn's early light.


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I watched myself tilt my head and coyly smile in the bottom right corner of the chat window-the two off-kilter lamps in the room were casting an asymmetrical shadow over half my face.

Coming From Alabama

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In the state that the stars fell on, Love and I stumbled upon bits of God where he forgot sky and moon, too.

“Give me fifty words about a Beaver…”

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…Professor Wumbat begins.


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Do I have grounds for inadequacy?