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Paint Clot (Novel Excerpt)

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Damion was not this skin and bones saint. He was not the ascetic he carved himself out to be. He did not exist in a vacuum consuming and being consumed by only art. He was not all these things. And he was not always so painfully sober.

Sincerity is out

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I liked one best when he threw off his scarecrow shackles and joked, pinching my knees I liked the other one when he was sincere though it was rare certainty I crushed his heart without a care so I deserve the hollow hold Even though I swore…

Lovers on the Lawn

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One day, every girl I’ve ever slept with showed up on my lawn.

Plaisir d'Amour

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Niki and I agreed that it wasn’t a burden at all being partly divine.

The Cooking Lesson

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His money isn’t just dirty. It’s filthy dirty. If I married him, I would be living on blood money.

Spit It Out

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Lightning seldom passes / Over lovers and heartbeats are pre-counted.


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Now is not the time to get into it.


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... her hair spills like spinach all the way down to her backpack, the top pocket where the bowl and the cinnamon estrange themselves from the coffee.


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Your husband falls asleep on films which do not make him laugh.

Love and other entreaties

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it’s okay, you can come inside me

Who’s Calling?

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“I’m a sucker for a good first sentence but I won’t dismiss the whole work based on a bad one. Besides, anybody with an MFA can write a decent first sentence. You can’t judge the whole work based on that.”

Six Tiny Memories

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I took a lover on Ibiza either because he was clean-smelling or because he had a hotel room and there were none to be had.

When The Sun Goes Down

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Though his heart aches his melody seems to flow It creeps into the dreams of all in slumber in the valley below

Three Times, If I Count

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Once or twice, it was only once or twice. Three times, if I really count. And I wasn't giving or loving. And my self stayed hidden and I kept most of my clothes on.

Honey Bee Men

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"...she's been seeming like she's been dreaming while awake lately..."