When The Sun Goes Down

by firdaus haque

As the Sun goes down 
casting a celestial hue 
As it engulfs the world 
city and town


The shepherd oft seen by the hillock
Carrying a flute 
that plays tunes so sweet
gathering together his scattered flock


Trotting into the barn closed by a fence
with the flute hanging by his side
He thinks of his sweetheart
and of times last summer
who he hasn't seen hence


He sits by the window
looking at the dark valley down
flute playing tunes so magical
that can put smile on faces that frown


Though his heart aches
his melody seems to flow
It creeps into the dreams 
of all in slumber in the valley below


Neither the shepard nor the flock
live anymore, but there is no frown 
coz the tune still echoes in the valley 
When the Sun goes down..