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Things I Should Have Done - #3

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Should I have shooed the cats from my bed? Shaken awake the silky tangle of feline true love curled at my feet? Shut their bedroom door against them? Perhaps, maybe, I don’t know.

The False Lords Of Romantic Love

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I, too, am guilty of the ancient, air-borne crimeThat for spring of woman usurping womanPerforating senses, she too winters over time. Ah! it behooves, how men like to believeThe more attractive this genome of woman is,The more dedicated will be her love. Disillusioned,…

LH 1787

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How did Hannibal get elephants through that?

When The Sun Goes Down

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Though his heart aches his melody seems to flow It creeps into the dreams of all in slumber in the valley below

Our Lips Are Barely Touching

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And I realize I'm shaking.

you make me so nervous

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Thinking about your eyes (and melting).

I Go Gentle On You

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Prozac, Lithium, shock treatment, a time machine, or to ask Oz that you grow a new heart, whatever it takes.

#yearning for you

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Cosmic, epic desire #yearning for you

words, for you

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My lips would, if they could, be concerned exclusively with kissing.

the note read

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Orchids, and irises. Tulips, and a sunflower too.