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Man Running From A Bar

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A man alone in his paid-for living room, with his hands folded behind his head A man running from a bar, a bald man seen from behind Someone who made a wide circle to avoid your laughter A man undressing at the side of the road saying: “How you

A mostly true story about a swine flu shot, with references to 3 ABC television shows and 1 Will Smith movie

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Yellow tape marks a walkway that was previously unknown. Caution, caution. Lounge turned waiting room for a ballroom turned infirmary. An entrance, an exit, caution, caution. The line is of amusement park ride length. But no roller coaster at the end, only an antidote…

(1) Nan

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[Her adviser] looked at her and tilted his head, smiling. Over his shoulder she saw the M104 bus cruising up Broadway, and considered diving under it. Instead she took off toward the corner, in shame, and he followed. When they parted ways, he took her ha

The Lost Dog

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The mutt came into their house from the deepest pit of hell. He ate Lucas' favorite pair of tennis shoes. He pulled the heads off of Barbie dolls and swallowed them whole. He even marked his territory on the couch.

On Your Way Home

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and you struggle with that idea, thinking how utterly all this would bore Freud, which is perhaps only fair, because Freud bores you too

All-Night Cartoon Party

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'Hey, are you supposed to be from a cartoon or something?' said the Grim Reaper. I had to take a big drink before I could reply. I didn't know what to say, so I said 'Could I see your watch, please?' He looked down my dress while he thought about it.

The Ballad of Phineas, Fair Nance and The Beej

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So off to the Nacimiento woods after Arizona's homemade pizza flat That's more intoxicating than a brew And lisnin' to Strangefellow's ten fingers magically fly on his Strat With his Psyche-delicate view

(6) Compatriots

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"It was here where he’d first seen the girl—Nan. Slender, with brown hair, pale skin, sitting on a bench, and reading from a pile of papers on her lap."


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I play like I do with sister at home, pretend everything’s real, that the cross is heavy, that the walk to Golgotha is long.


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We leave at dusk in a borrowed car, two of us, driving from Boston to the border, our only stop a package store in New Hampshire for liquid provisions.


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At night, on these New England roads, there is no light, no pink sodium-vapor glow, no guideposts. Just dense, thick darkness, all shades of black marshaled together, pushing back against the paltry spark of our headlights.

Navigation and Perseverance

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“Gladys Miller!” the dog shouted. “Live a little. TiVo it.”

Black as a Crows Wing

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Setting priorities is important, but there is a cost, sometimes a great cost.

Dog of the Day

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At her words I smiled amidst my teary eyes. Nick’s fingers moved between my right hand fingers, while to my left I scratched at Rodger’s puppy fuzz on her neck and ears. She exhaled and lay down, placing her head in my lap.

Island Numbers

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an island hidden in the sound holds treasure