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Take Out

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You're stupid drunk. And not feeling so good. You know you should stop doing this. But what else is there to do, especially since your brother went in? And now Roberto's gone to pick up his lady and left you alone, empty. Couldn't even drive you home. You don't…

Polar Bear

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“The bear can run 100 yards in 8 seconds. These rifles can fire 5 shots in 8 seconds. So if a bear charges, I give you four seconds. After that, boom.” The guide put down the rifle. “I will wait for you to shoot,” he said. “But not too long."

A Time to Every Purpose Under Heaven

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I came home from school to an empty house and watched the scrambled porn channel I could kind of unscramble with my black-and-white televisions v-hold and h-hold knobs. Hearing that cat wheeze down the hall in the bathroom was a mood killer.

First Husband

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"My, aren't you queery looking? She says.

The Hunter

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...I pray for the animal souls I have taken -- panther, gazelle, hyena, vulture...

Girls with Guns

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"My dear man. We are not friends we are symbiotic."

Falling In Love Again

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Marv felt a stirring. Warmth in his gut. "Maybe we should get together," Marv said.


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I saw the ad in my local paper: field sniper. I'd been laid off from the Wal-Mart in Orem. Brenda was ragging me about my target practice, scaring squirrels at the bird feeders. So, she said, go talk to this guy. Put yourself to some good use. We thought it…


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"I expect 50% of the agreed fee. In cash.” I dropped the envelope at the designated spot and parked up the street.

Man with a Gun

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Derisive comparison of a man's gun to a man's penis is the ology of the illegal government and its collaborators.

Shot in the Saddle

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He pointed his gun at my son’s head as I held my son in my arms and hoped whatever he found on the other side would be worth this insane hate blob bullshit.


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So this was it, at last this moment had come. He gave no credence to the notion of fate, yet this final act had been inevitable.


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Ruby never wailed. She was tougher than that. Her eyes were hot with tears, though. She dabbed a dishcloth along her cheeks. Ruby was 31 years old, broken down and drained. She married for love at first, got hate in the end, and lost more than…

Texas Route 29

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Texas Route 29 is not a straight line.It traces the perimeter of our own Georgetowncompelled west kicking off shit-stained bootsgreeted by green and yeller' John Deereignored by motley cattle, heads bowed weighed low with marrow-filled horns.A Jack Nicklaus golf course…


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kindergarteners sent to class with Uzis