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REDNECK RAINDANCE It threatened rain, so I got out my gun, got in the car and gunned it on down to the graveyard, where it was dark and nobody would know, but I knew the clouds would see clear. I got out and got my gun out, fired myriad rounds…

Shirley Ave.

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What can I offer you, White Moon?This full night lays black before your stoic assent—and Ibreathe my final breath, frantic—for you. I wait, damned,a bestial lover in the broken dark of the variety market, whisperinga word of forgiveness to an empty window. I…


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RESIGHT GUN POEM Loose as a goose on snoose, boogied down to a booth. Ordered a John Wilkes. The waiter sneered there was no order. Toilet backed up, sink overflowing, air choked with secondary smoke. He…

Crystal Clear

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At 10:30 a.m. precisely Judge Jessica Gislason saw the file and walked swiftly out of child protection court and into her chambers, where she placed her snubnose .38 special to her right temple and fired. She had never been a right-brain sort of person.


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Children imagine dying all the time, especially when someone in their life, someone close, has died. Children's games often include pretend dying, flopping around after being shot for about three minutes, choking, falling to the ground and…

1964 Dodge 330/slant-a-matic

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We loved riding in that big back seat; it had leather or plastic seats, and we were small enough that our older brother and sister could sit back there with us with plenty of room. There were no seatbelts to hold us down, and that was probably a good thi

White Lilies

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“Don’t worry, I’ll show you how.” My hands shook; my heart raced; My knees felt like Jell-o©

At the Revolution

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When we go to the streets/ we’ll have no guns

Night Wreck

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You were watching TV when it began. That much is obvious, since you have always watched TV on Thursday nights, and Thursday was when it began for everyone in Polisville. Around 11 PM, a train on its way to a Nevada landfill jumped the tracks. It's a secure landfill, and the…

American Triptych

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It’s always fun and easy/ to punish the poor

Modest Proposal

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It could be fun,/ with the guns, explosives, Molotov/ Cocktails and all,

Guns in the House

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Jack would have felt betrayed, and my parents alarmed, had they ever suspected me of playing with Jack's guns, but I found the temptation overwhelming.