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your olive-pitting thumbs

Celebrating Difference

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Because they boil bananas and I fry them.

Your Love Is Breadfruit, Falling from the Sky

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He never mentioned his song “Breadfruit” fell from the sky, landed in his hand. The song climbed the charts: most downloaded, most played, most everything.


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Hiroshi Yazuma, world-class sushi chef, did not resist when the Chao-ists kidnapped him.

Boysenberry Jam

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The pantry door squeaked slightly when opened. It sounded like an admonishment. After all, he wasn’t hungry. But he stood there, in his threadbare socks and drawstring pants, staring at the life she had accumulated for them.

Food Porn

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Panini stood around the pan like an audience at Madam Butterfly, applauding but jalapeno with envy...


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M swallowed a watermelon seed and, within a few months, began to show. Her boyfriend was irate. All the good times we’ve had, and now a watermelon seed has done us in.

Blackened Catfish

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I ordered the blackened catfish as they ripped the neon cactus and Stetson from the wall. Background sounds of crashing glass, chopping wood. A bulldozer’s rumble as my meal arrived, sawdust snowing down.

Cutting Rhubarb in the Rain

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Tendering these stalks, making the pie, heralds me a holder of apron strings...

El Papi

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This is not "just" food any more than Isaac Stern "just" made sounds from a violin, Pavlova "just" moved, Michelangelo "just" made decorations.

Anything Again

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...she lifts one shell, sips a little, then swallows the creature whole.


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With a sigh she rubbed her face into wakefulness, and then sucked two fingers, thinking of melted cheese.


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With a sigh she rubbed her face into wakefulness, and then sucked two fingers, thinking of melted cheese.

The Gourmand

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The Gourmand slowly led the way / And her assistants followed, / Pulling coolers full of delicacies in her wake, / Pausing at twenty-foot intervals as she stopped to breathe.

Tour Guide

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“It is not your shoes the Americans complained about!” Roberto yelled, sitting behind his desk, cigar smoke curling around his purple face. “It is your UNDERWEAR!”