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My Anonymous Career

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I signed on with a large national restaurant chain to write descriptors for menus, and I was the very first to use the term "farm-fresh" to refer to eggs.

Gorging on a Diet of Words

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After years of unsustainable binge spending and a global economic semi-meltdown, most people have had to cut back on their expenses. Many folks are struggling to make do in this new and bewildering economy and we are all learning to live on our means, rather than beyond…

Words In the Right Order

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1. Post Scriptum Just opened an email from work containing an attachment of a piece of art which reads (translating from Turkish) “The price of love; one person pays”

Babushka – Opening Night Review

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...will it be as overwhelmingly dull and tedious as de Sade?

Multitasking at the Cotton Patch Cafe

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We can’t chew and swallow/ without the multi-hued glow

At The Diner

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“Heard Gotchalk passed away last weekend.” “Gotchalk died last year. You mean Gotsill. He just passed away. Classmate of mine. Lived in the house just up from the phone company.” Outside, cars drive up and down Elm street. Inside, three men…

Baling Twine (Extended)

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Before I go to sleep at night I make sure to tag my big toe in case I pass away before daybreak and the undertakers come for my corpse. The cardboard is attached with a loop of baling twine, and if I had more courage I'd staple the tag…

Health Food

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"One Free Cookie day a month should cover your rent--and then some!" Martin had no idea how prophetic his words would be.

Food that Heals

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock these past five years, you’ve certainly heard of Patricia Little and the chocolate chip cookies that saved thousands. Nevertheless, let’s start from the beginning.


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Marge didn't eat lamb or pork.

Food Porn

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Thin slices of ruby tomato, red onion, and green peppers joined the bacchanal, wilting in the bliss of chile and cilantro raining down on them.


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(In English: “Ignite!”) Pea jams a match under the burner. He holds on until the flame licks his nail. A cook's fingers. He feels nothing! Left hand: one spoon of oil into the wok. Two spoons (“For health,” he whispers in Thai). The sheen catches the noon

Breakfast for Ten

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Chuck woke when he smelled cooking.

An Advent Cookie's Rumination

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The sugar cookie sits on the cold counter. Alone. He is cut in the shape of an angel, a fact which often causes him to contemplate the possibility that he may not be a cookie at all, but an angel. Who says he couldn’t be?

The Cold Never Bothered Anything Anyways

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What kind of person would she be remembered as if she died over night and someone looked in her freezer? She took out a package of bacon from the freezer that was dated 2009.