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The Tecolote's Lair

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To fall to earth and not implode, to disintegrate into a tangle of crazy limbs: arms, legs, hair, and eyes like the bark of an olive tree, the result a triumph.


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It's just another night in the old city, perched in the skeletal radio tower with my collection of telescopes

Snatch XIII

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Snatch (XIV)

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She's in charge.

Purple Lady, Lavender Afternoon

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—Pretty tulips, said the woman.

Henny Penny On Why She Crossed the Road

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Ok, ok, people are forever asking me, so why did I cross the frickin’ road? Dumb-shit me, of course. Consequences waaay unforseen.

Why Didn’t You Ever Mention the Dead Baby?

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A drunken aunt blabbering away about how hard a life my mother had of it. Yes, but you must have had it hard, too.

Aquarium Dreams

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The top of her dresser was covered in rings. Her fingers were unsuited to the piano and anytime she tried to raise a tune on my body the chords rang bum notes.

Independence, Self-Worth and Happiness

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For Veronica, now fifty years old


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In my dream Danny’s on his skateboard except he knows how to use it. When I tell him, he says, Not fair, and punishes me by twisting the skin on my arm until it burns.

My Plastic Dreams

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Once, in the past or future, but definitely not in the present, I worked as a transportation minister for a friendly dictator, whose name was neither Hitler, nor Stalin, nor Kim Jong-Un, but whose mustache was toothbrush, whose smile was sardonic to the p

Epiphany on a July Morning

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It's that day in July when you feel really bummed because you can't find your favorite white sleeveless shirt that you wear on the hottest days of the yea

The Amazing Adventures of Macro-Microbe

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Macro-Microbe parked his car and proceeded on foot, which was a misnomer because he had no feet. Typical for Manhattan, no one gave him a second glance except for a homeless woman who tried to sell him hand-sanitizer. Macro-Microbe locomoted himself insid


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The bar was dark and a little dirty, and that suited Splinker's mood just fine.


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"Merry Christmas, Willie."