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Snatch 9 (there's been a time lapse)

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Blocks context...

The Fourth Prague Defenestration: 20

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The Gropers of Prague were there, all around us, in spirit if not in fact. Was it KGB? Was it a ghost from my past? Or my own hand? Stop guessing. It was Einstein himself. The KGB had taken him into custody somehow, though by what authority? All the

Violent Limb Part 1

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Before the new arm, I used to sit outside the players' facility and wonder, in between the throbs of pain pulsing sickly through my temples, how much longer I could be a hockey player.


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Your ears perked up whenever the local news talked about a roller coaster accident, usually out of town.

Snatch X

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...the astonishing discovery...

Violent Limb Part 2

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"Take the other arm, Jonas! Take the other arm," I said, laughing. "Make me a better god!"

What She Left Unsaid

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Megan beat up on herself later over the unsaid.

In A Lightning Storm, Sheep Run Through Barbed Wire

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I used to fear things. The lonesome wind come through the clapboards. Dry hillsides rustling. My own skin in the summer heat. Rattlers. Lurking. Abandoned coal pits. Pa said I was afraid of desolation. I didn't know what he meant by that. How can you be…

Robot Museum

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Snatch XI

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Public voice when he's tense.

I'm Never Going Home

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After the ship stopped shaking, the angry flashes of warning lights discontinued, a few people could be heard sobbing or whispering prayers.

Sleepwalking in Texas

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We move through the night, Burt and I. My brother who has stayed up past his bedtime. Who has followed me into the night where the crickets line against the houses deep in song. Burt who wears his pajama bottoms and thinks he's invisible. Who steps on rocks…

Snatch XII

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No. No. No.

Shade, Tendril, Shadow.

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On the water there's the rainbow marbling of gas from an outboard motor making a temporary pattern. The beach seems so far away, the sand so white, the colorful umbrellas giving shade to the tourists.

13 Highlights from Walks Around the Dublin Suburbs

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7. I made my confession in the Church of the Three Patrons on Friday afternoons and on Friday nights sinned against the light.