Epiphany on a July Morning

by Lupin Pooter

It's that day in July when you feel really bummed because you can't find your favorite white sleeveless shirt that you wear on the hottest days of the year (like today, and we're having more of them it seems, or are we?) and then you go through your daughter's closet searching for it and then start looking online for a replacement, even though it was just a cheap shirt from K-Mart, but you find you can't get it anymore, and you can't understand where it went because it was just there in the short, packed rack of your blouses a few weeks ago, and you wonder if you're losing your mind. When did you see that shirt last?

And then you look through your stuffed rack one more time and lo and behold, there it is, and you're happy. Genuinely happy. Because you haven't lost your shirt, and you haven't lost your mind. And all you need are comfortable clothes. And it's a beautiful morning for a walk.