Stories tagged fire

Meteor Shower

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A rain of stones . . .

White Woman

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She had a compulsion to organize things according to their size or colour or according to some other abstruse algorithm that clicked through her mind. She didn't know that this was OCD

The Burning

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His hands were on fire, they were burning hot.

The Darkness of White Noise

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I love your free spirit he says.


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Her hair’s the color of LA at night On such occasions when the Santa Anas Have left the hills bone-dry and burning bright

Good Fences

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I built the fence myself, strong and high and aesthetically pleasing. It was high enough to provide privacy on both sides, but from my bedroom balcony I could see everything. More than I wanted to see.


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Ireland - her beauty is like a drug.


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Last night aliens invaded our dishwasher.

Wax Off

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The time has come to scrape the wax from my menorah.

Bonne Fire

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And the voodoo pins pinged as, folding and imploding, she was reduced to a petro-chemical puddle.

Flaming Beauty

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Okay, it was a long shot but who in that room wasn’t desperate to shift that shit? All our jobs depended on it.

the woodpile

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One short cold season we had of the bending, of our faces burning.

Death Watch

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death is certain


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Once she said she was freezing, she said, “I don't belong in this world, my time has come to go". Once she said she was freezing, she said, “I don't belong in this world, my time has come to go".

Eulogy for the Eating Disorder

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Never again will my body stay as you want it.