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The Tour(ette's) Guide

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There is a woman in here- I am never alone- but she is fully clothed in Detroit Derby Dolls gear and stands at a modest seven inches tall.

#2 Feeding Fire (Poetry)

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It is like truth on the battle field. Muted

Swashbuckling in the Dark: Prologue

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The night sky was scorched red with fire; the once peaceful night now had become a living nightmare. At first, it had been the distant booming of cannon fire, but now the terrified screams tore through the night. Louder still was the ringing in my head and the sound of…

Killzone Excerpt: Feeding The Wrong Fire

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"To feed the wrong fire, is to burn the house in the wrong forest." -Shan Shaikh


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Daily, I try to learn the language of fixed.

Out on Fir Tree Point

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Spring exploded in delirium filling the air with the perfume of lilacs and cherry blossoms. We walked in silence, listening to the cry of a mourning dove, peepers in the pond and the sound of gravel crunching underfoot. A pair of ducks swam away from the…

After Prom

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I was a form without body.

Igniting the Forest.

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It wasn't raining, and I wasn't in Paris. The moon wasn't out, and I couldn't see the city lights. It was a sunny Saturday, not too hot but hot enough, and I wondered if my bike would fall over …


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My chin is half-eaten. My chest is gone. There is a rhythm to how each flame licks me. Like how you used to in the mornings before work. Before the coffee. Before the toaster. Before a rose clenched between your teeth and dancing.

a crushed pepsi can floats down

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These days, even God has a day job.


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Moments before they had been holding hands, but when they turned the corner and she told him she did not want to go down the dark path he had turned also, into someone she did not recognize and could not understand.


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pressing my hands into the voice in the bed,

Green Flash At Sunset

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front of the postcard is a campfire with the word ‘Utopia’ written in comic sans

Be Afraid

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Everything conspires to kill you:

What You Choose to Take

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You first hear about the wildfire on the old kitchen radio.