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So Different Now

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She’s right there in Thirsty’s. In her usual spot. Drinking her usual drink. Yuengling on tap. One after another. And he’s there too. Behind the bar. Pouring drinks. One after another. Sometimes they speak. But mostly she orders. He pours. And

And We Are Laid To Waste

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August 14 I remember the smell of fresh air. The feeling of clean air in your lungs. I haven't had that feeling in quite some time now. I guess few people have.

The Lonely Snake

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A solitary snake, his belly full, stretched out in the sun. His uncoiling swept sand and small rocks to the left and right. Ah, he thought, I have the power to move mountains from my path. See how the lowly earth makes way for my comfort.

My Lucky Tooth

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At that point he would leave and listen to the scientists as they debate as to why the moon has organs and why they are covered in a thick fat.

The Wind in the Woods

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Ralph Simpson looked as though he wouldn't last through the weekend. His skin, yellowing from the cirrhosis, covered his hands tightly enough so that the veins looked like they would burst from the pressure.

Gansevoort Ridge

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Raymond Hunter killed a man in Mexico. It was long ago—before Commander Zero took up arms in Chiapas. Before the Shah had been run off the Peacock Throne. Before even the young Hearst heiress had been retired for good and all from the tabloids. And it t

Dark Site

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Though some days... I feel as though I'm nothing more than the ultimate hedged-bet should the offender be living out his last days on earth, holding my arm as we both feel our way through the long dark corridors of tragedy.


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I know how Billy feels; I can read his mind.

Losing Found Things

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She's the butterfly that lands on your fingertip one day and the crumpled wings left behind by your caring touch, and we all want to be the first, but we're not. She's the reason I don't look in mirrors.

Hostage Festival

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“We’re prisoners,” Sean reminded the guard. “Prisoners of your military.” “You have never been treated as such.” Captain Hughes looked around the bar. “This festival is a celebration of you, of all of you. We pride ourselves on ou

Easter Sunday

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It was Easter Sunday at the Ezra Baptist Church; everything was dressed in white for the wedding being held after the morning service remembering Christ’s resurrection. The congregation was packed in like sardines with out of town relatives on that day


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Yet moving on and being delivered from something that stayed after you weren’t at all the same thing, she knew.

Pretty White Gloves

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He sits on a folded-over cardboard box, slightly off-balance and without any visible sign of support other than the granite wall of the bank behind him and the few coins in the paper cup he shakes at each passerby.

Why I Live at the P.A.O.

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Mimi marched up the steps and proceeded to take sides with the rest of the family while I slaved over the egg dye and crawfish boil. So now this meant that everyone but Uncle Raffield had turned against me on account of Chrissy-Marie, but he as sure as su

Moses Reborn

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Influenza Jones knew she was Moses. Reborn, of course, because the real Moses had been dead for longer than Influenza could remember. It didn’t matter that she was a woman and Moses was a man, she knew what her body say and her body say she be Moses. Sh