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Side Effects

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The women slumped and walked loosely in tired, overused dresses; the men stumbled after them in wrinkled Italian suits, goggle-eyed and braying like lost princes, licking coke from nearly empty baggies as they plodded on.


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One of the runners was collecting bags of dead animals to bring back to the van. Nicholas looked inside one of the bags, but all he saw was a stringy mess of fur and tissue. The runner grabbed the bag from Nicholas. He shrugged and said "hammers.

She's a Mystery Girl

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I looked into those eyes. Those blue eyes. Those blue eyes that weren’t my brown eyes.

Max Wood excerpt

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It was late February and he was preparing for a show at one of the local galleries. For several weeks, I heard loud banging, wood crashing, early in the morning down in his room. I wondered what he was up to. Every night that we saw him, he was drunk...


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On the first day of my diet, I only cheated once. But I sort of made up for it by taking the stairs at work and parking far away from the entrance to J.C. Penney. I went to the mall to look at the sexy outfits I would buy as soon as I could get rid of

Hand and Glove

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She was a church girl, like all Annie's kin, always dressed all buttoned-up and proper. The clothes couldn't hide her, though. Tits like softballs and an ass like a whitetail deer's — curvy and all muscle. I loved to watch her. The way she walked.


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The pulsing of her little life. I sniff my fingers, deep sniff, ummmmm! Again! Deep back in my mind, like Momma smelled, spicy and ripe.

The Spear Master

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The line of the water made me think of a playground where I went most summer Saturdays -- the diagonal struts of the swing set, the faded three-point zone arcs of the basketball court, the thick metal crossbars of the jungle gym. I looked out and ocean blue met sky…


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The boy ate, the girl considered it.


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Richard bounds up the stairs to his apartment. He can’t wait to get home to his new kitty. He found the poor cat right outside of his building just a few days ago, and already they’ve become fast friends.

Abu Arif & His Daughters

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I cannot remember what the celebration was for, but the baby was at its center. We passed him around, a sweet smiling boy about seven months old. The age when babies can sit but can't yet crawl and their thighs get plump.

Jesus Wept

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When my husband died, I was in bed with his brother. Ricky and I had been married six years, three months and two days when his little brother, Ben, and I gave in to the lust that just would not go away in spite of our prayers and tears.


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I first learned of her presence in the biped roll call as I stood in line for lettuce at the sandwich bar. She went first. She had pumpernickel bread on a styrofoam plate. She said, “I'm through,” and handed the thongs to me. I saw her look at my…

Being an Ass on Purpose

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“I can't believe you ate the broccoli!” Martha yelled and pounded a fist on the blue counter, which shook. “Well, what were you saving it for anyway?” Roger replied. Martha was a middle-aged woman with short black hair and brown…