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The Bridge

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Anna's daily train commute from the outer suburban fringes to the city reveals a message that changes her life.

Eating Beauty

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I'm at the edge of the garden in a white nightgown embroidered with lilies. This keeps happening without my permission; a sleepwalk, a run-away. The scent of my best perfume kneels beside me here. I sift through the soil where I…

Still Life

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She was a moon dancer, keeper of secrets,


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Janice’s jaw dropped when I told her how much we could get for it. “Enough to never work again and get a nice new pair of these,” I said, squeezing her tits.

Escape Literature

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on semantic roller-coaster dips of language

The Other Side

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That was the first time I went over the wall. No bird opened its mouth to chirp. No wind blew. I staggered a little on the stony edge. And dropped down. I changed in a cafe. Shaved. Emerged as that rare thing: a new man. My clothes were old, saved for

My Sole Skype Experience

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"Don't you have something bigger?" he asked via Yahoo. "I don't eat cucumbers," I typed back.

Excerpts from 'Dispatches from the Front: My Life in NE Portland—diary by JENA RACHEL ROCKWELL (year 08)'

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I'm getting self-righteous here, Dear Reader . . . [hey! wait a second! this is my diary! what are you doing, looking at it, dude! Hit the road! Scram! Vamoose!]

They Laugh When You Cry

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The sudden sound of old night tires crunching sand, closer, louder, made her jump. The car’s engine bumped and banged like a wild caged bird, then sputtered out just beyond the kitchen window.

They Laugh When You Cry - II

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Tattoos of viper skulls shone on the men’s faces. Viper neck bones glistened on their cheeks, viper tongues flicked blood in the shape of tears and crying eyes, in the shape of crosses.

Killzone Excerpt: Curse or Gift?

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He charged into the house with great might, swinging the door open so hard the nails on the hinges were pulled right off.

Same Grape, Different Name

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on this scenic route you will likely encounter a handful of bicycle spoke lobster traps.

April and the Rebellious Daughter

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Her tall and slender father smiles and worries/ as she runs across the decrepit tennis court/ and slips under the net as if to escape// parental bonds. But, she always looks/ back at him and laughs