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To The Woman Who Sat With Her Back To The Door

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Such a curious smell in the air tonight: part skunk, part fire, part rubber of your tire, pulled liquid hot across that road.

The Chihuahua Cure

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It came from the animal shelter, seizing and shivering, with eyes almost bigger than its head. Eyes that followed Pearl like it couldn’t stuff the whole picture of her in its tiny skull.

Healing Art

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They walked down coke can paths, traversed brick, slate and cement patios, stopped at a frog pond (labeled), passed a band of fig trees espaliered against a rotting shed.. Every corner revealed something strange or beautiful or strangely beautiful.

McCloud & Bridey's Time Machine

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Not only was there movement in the heavens but amongst the static things cemented to the structure of the earth. Bridey described the shadows in their circling, constant, day and night circling, like expanded or foreshortened ghosts of real things.


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Erwin came into the kitchen through the back door and went straight to the sink to clean up. Black mud and dried blood crusted his fingertips and caked the callused whorls of his knuckles.  He used the round of strong-smelling soap he kept for…

Industrial Honey-Suckle

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I forgot how to breathe when a dog pretending to be a coyote came within yards of us wearing a still tail You held onto me and I onto you loving our fear we wouldn't move Sweet tickles rush into the nose melt away the close gross of an industrial…

The Dog by the River

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I am seven years old today and I want the dog by the river, the one with the great mane of hair like my father's who is a singer at night, and with big ears, too, that grow from the top of its head so that I can tug on them if it's being bad or stroke them…

The Time I was Mean to Rex

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Andy's dog Rex whimpers a lot.

Man Running From A Bar

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A man alone in his paid-for living room, with his hands folded behind his head A man running from a bar, a bald man seen from behind Someone who made a wide circle to avoid your laughter A man undressing at the side of the road saying: “How you

Pork Chops and Apple Sauce

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When I went to the SPCA, I had the intention of looking for a Beagle. I had done the research and thought the breed would be a good fit for my lifestyle. I am a long distance runner and wanted some company on the long night runs. I wanted a dog that would…

A Vicious Deer

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A Vicious Deer The man came across the hall to talk to us. He was buying some paintings. He had a white deer on a leash. Fosca (our Malamute) said: “That's a vicious deer.” She kept putting her paw on its shoulder. I said: “You bet

The Lost Dog

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The mutt came into their house from the deepest pit of hell. He ate Lucas' favorite pair of tennis shoes. He pulled the heads off of Barbie dolls and swallowed them whole. He even marked his territory on the couch.

First Anniversary

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Kevin yelled, “I broke my leg!” Finally the old man and woman shared a moment, passed a look between them that said: That’s not our fault.

Two Months Before, Two Months After

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Where Chip's penis had been, flaccid and splotchy, there was only blood.

Things I Should Have Done - #5

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When I walked into the local police precinct to meet with a detective about the scope of my rights, I was thinking about Rocco, the adored dog of a long-ago life.