Stories tagged divorce

Our Neighbors

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It was with the departure of their last child that the Beazleys became grotesquely petty with each other.

Eating Chicken with Grief

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Lydia let the grease cool in her frying pan. She drank three cups of coffee and had to lie down.


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Hers or mine? You figure it out, jackass.


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I would open an eye, waiting for it to absorb the scant light in the room, and I would see her on the far edge of the bed, the topography of her hips now a battlement to keep me at bay.

Wedding Day

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A bride, dressed in white gown and flowing veil, totters in high heels down the uneven pavement past Simone’s Café. She holds a bouquet of red and orange chrysanthemums. Three men, wearing black tuxes, accompany her; one of them holds up the hem of her dr

Apples to Apples

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“Honey, remember when we used to take you out to pick apples.” A sweet trickle of sound shattered the force field of silence that divided the front and the back seats of the dark blue Honda CR-V. Juliana’s only response was to change her focus from the w

A Far-Off Place

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Any reasonable girl would have smartly gotten pregnant.

Jump Seat

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It had been one of those bad days when it seemed to Nina like all the other fifth-grade girls had transformed into aliens that only cared about lip gloss and eighth-grade boys. The last thing she needed was to see Ibrahim and Abuela waiting for her after

One with Everything

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I refuse to give in. I am a woman of purpose, hard-wired to whine.

Divorcing Delia

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I held her hand through two divorces, I warned her that gorgeous Geoffrey was homosexual when she was oblivious, and I fed her children when she was off at rehab (four times before it 'took').

The Inconsequential Leaping of Rabbits

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If someone were to place a rabbit in her lap right now, there would be nothing she could do to hold onto it. It would leap. Drop. Hie its powerful body elsewhere. At the end of her life she would have nothing to show but a collection of rabbit-shaped empt

Out of the Question

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"Then why? Why?" she choked. "Why are you so... so mean to me?"


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On that balcony, on every other day, she practised her other, more worldly religion - gardening, specifically sunflowers.

Magic Jane

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This is what magic feels like. Excitement. Clarity. Danger. Justice.


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She turned away and began to weep and when he gently turned her back around to face him, to kiss her, he saw that her tears were red.