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Your soap on the shelf in the shower melts with my every hair wash and I'll miss it the way I should have missed you.


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Even in the fading light, it looked big enough to disembowel a man.

Micromanaged Truth

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Let your father stay through that dinner when his mistress needed him, while your mother was on the verge.

When the Moon Becomes the Sun

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While most spread their time in other occupation, I traveled through books and grew my imagination. I knew endless bliss. I was a book eater. I would just devour books that I loved and slug through those I didn't, just to make myself eat the truths and li

Intentional Households

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Bradley turns out to be a walking red flag. He approaches as I unload the U-Haul and says, "Hi, I'm Bradley. I'm not very modest so you might see me from time to time in various stages of undress." Bradley is the last man on Earth I wish to see undressed.