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Coffee, Reloaded

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All Alice wanted was a cup of coffee. After fifteen years locked up in the Plasma Valley Correctional Facility, he was very tired.He found a Screemin' Creamin'; looked his Destiny in the eye. 'Hi there, my name's Destiny!' said Destiny, who was trained in all the…


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That was really the problem with leaving. She had to leave everything, could take none of the perfection with her. Anything she took would’ve been too little, or too much, once removed. Once not in his house, not in his vision or touch, the magic would

Giving Voice to Silver

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But there was still something about him. When he turned his long face a certain way, she saw pewter, as if it glinted off him. Sometimes, on the phone, she felt that she heard the flash of silver in his voice, as well.

Woman Gives Birth At Cafe, Refuses To Leave Until Latte Finished

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There was a man crying, walking his dog and a woman drove by on a flat tire They brought coffee to the tables in large glasses on white saucers There’d be long silver spoons with which to stir in strong

Sugar and Saline

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Aidan and Amber met in a doughnut shop.


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So if we all have an idea what goes down when the young person at the cash register (the registerista?) asks, “Can I help you?” then we all know there’s a different way to habla at Seattle’s gift to the world.

Swimming with Tongues

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His subway job offered some protection, but the layering of earth was nothing compared to what water did to insulate him from the Sacred. And that’s what he wanted. Peace from God. Five fathoms down usually did it.


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I pasted a sample paragraph of my writing on the website 'Who do you write like?'.


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“We should start a virgins' support group,” said Cindi one autumn afternoon. We were sitting in the bay window of the Campus Coffee Cavern ...

Coffee in Huesca

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In a small café in a stone building in a row of stone buildings, Marie was alone besides the barista.


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He wanted to say the waves were colossal, but part of him didn’t want to scare them. He liked them being brave. He liked them being fearless.

A Study in Plastics

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She sat Indian style against the strawberry tree. In her hand she held a little mirror and a note that her father left her that morning. What a night, eh? See you in the morning. That’s what it said.

Morning People

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she thinks she looks good in her short red dress, black makeup around her eyes, last night's lipstick a slap of crimson on her cheek. "like this," she says, holding the hammer above her head.

Pass The Sugar

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I put a dollop of vanilla ice cream in my coffee. That gives my day a real boost.


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Call me Obadiah.