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what are our motives

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Do you think that’s a good idea, you said. Sure, I said, as the men coiled up the anaconda and put it in a second truck that had arrived. You don’t think anyone will wonder what our motives are?

Shouting the Muse Down

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In the tumbled-down now there's too much material, culled from pretty boys that don't notice me and tattooed ones that do, and I'm certain there's at least one dreamer soaking eyes into me who knows all the twisted lyrics invoking pretty little horses.

In the Sequence of Events

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Eroica sprawled among/ the horns and violins

Things I Will Miss Once the Apocalypse Is Done

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The scent of fresh cut grass./ The idiot sense of accomplishment/ mowing the lawn can bring.

Coffee Shop

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the/ orange/ tastes/ welcome


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circumstances// squeeze the heart so hard/ that you should die but don’t.

Three Second Rule

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“Can I feel it?” he reached his hands out immediately, expecting I’d say yes. I am the type to always say yes, right? “Sure.” I confirmed, swallowing back my fear of his touch. He didn’t seem himself, like this. I led his hands to my hips and let them

I'm Drinking This Cup Of Coffee (A.K.A.) I've Never Smoked A Joint

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I thought about how chocolate or an hour massage, can almost trump sex. Then, I bought a chocolate bar and ate it all, without consulting the serving size. It was dark chocolate, 82%, worth it in the short term--- mmmm. I thought about getting stoned.

Open Face

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All the time I'm eating I can't help but think of the many different tuna melts I have ordered in diners and coffee shops and how each of them disappointed me...

Morning and Coffee

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A dirtied light falls through/ the grimed windowpanes.

A Dying Art

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Suppose I was to suddenly get up from the table, race across the floor and hurl me through the single-paned window out onto the sidewalk. Grammatically, it's all wrong, but you're probably thinking about the window and …