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Grandmother's heirloom

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No glue can reunite this tea set wreck. The refrigerator clicks and hums, towers over, swallows me in shadow.

Borges in the SUB

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"There's Borges."


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Your husband falls asleep on films which do not make him laugh.

On The Stoop

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The leaves were meaningless because they were no longer connected to the trees.

Zeus Takes a Day Job

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Yesterday he made a $23 latte with 13 shots of espresso. No wonder they’re so tightly wound; all wrapped up in their own little worlds, noses buried in their smart phones, thumbs and fingers pressing buttons....

Black Coffee

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“I don’t see how anybody could do it.” “I could do it. I could do it because it ought to be done. When a thing needs doing, it’s best to go on and do it.”

how to live on coffee and prayers

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The coffee filter rustles like the Pages of your notebook, which Only tires you even more. Make your drink strong to Make up for the lack of resolve In your shoulders, and Your weak promises. The familiar sound of percolation And you reach the…


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Our smiles are so much older than photographs suggest.

~psychosexual suzy~

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I hear all the static in her head, all the fuzzy threads from half a mile away. She hates dirt. She hates the couples who come in and talk stupid lies at each other. It's so simple with her. I ask what she likes. The feeling of soft wool on her bare nippl

~just so~

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I work for the lady with the vermillion lipstick. We talk about beauty, elegance and style over iced coffees after hours in her club. I don't know what my job is. I think I'm just supposed to appreciate the fetished female form. And watch her load cigaret

A Cappuccino with Charon

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“Yes, I just cleared the backlog from the Black Plague last week. Do you know how long it takes to move seventy five million people by gondola?”

Black Night Takes Bite

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The Black night reached under his shiny silk jacket And touched the steamy leather of his holster.

Voltaire Drinks Thirty Cups of Coffee

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Voltaire drinks his coffee standing up in front of the microwave and he likes to hold one hand on his chest where his heart is while he drinks. He likes to feel his heartbeat quicken and then he imagines that he is a machine or something mechanical.

The End of Coffee

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I am getting twisted like a cruller into the mess I have made of this morning and I am stretching the meaning of morning to way past its boundaries.

Status Update

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I can't tell a cigarette from a cheese sandwich as I stare vacantly into the synthetic sunshine of my laptop. Jump up a few lines to add a comma to show the possession of clocks they do belong to people after all. I sip my coffee from a novelty mug, ho