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This was a dream in which I didn’t know fear.

Hello and Thank You!

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She didn’t think of herself as an undesirable, no, she didn’t, but did find herself cowering in face of the presumed judgment of those around her. They had more money, more clout, more everything.

Far As You Want

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At a rest stop in Montpelier, they stopped to buy Cokes and gum from the vending machines. He was showing off, trying to jimmy one of the locks with a safety pin but it stayed locked and she laughed at him and he said goddamn, look at all a them Milkyways


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To Charles Bukowski "I haven't shat or pissed in seven years," she tells him, negotiating each word around the Marlboro. Because he doesn't know what else to say, Isaiah asks, "Haven't you seen a …


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One of her favorites was of an old axe asleep on a desert floor. She told people the axe had the western lips of September. That it held the song of the ocean and the dreams of a scarecrow. Some thought she was mad to talk in such a way. Others believed h


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We should have known that eventually the girl would become more interesting.

Bedtime Story

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Let me tell you a story, child, of how your father became your father...

After He Stays

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When the sex that is new and promising in its awkward moments is over, you turn to him. You expect that he’s figuring out a way to leave; the parts of you that know wait for him to stand up and put his clothes back on, quicker and with more eagerness than

Chinese Jacks

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"Carl, do you think we can fit all of our furniture into that red house?" Jeanne asks. She wonders how easily you could burn a red house down, if a claw foot tub will melt or be left standing in a field of black grass. He reaches for her hair, the dizzy smell…

Private Red

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Your favorite nickname existed only in the bright red cherry smoldering at the end of your smoke.

1999, what I wanted

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Last night in the shower, I felt only vaguely aware that something in me had changed.

Status Update

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I can't tell a cigarette from a cheese sandwich as I stare vacantly into the synthetic sunshine of my laptop. Jump up a few lines to add a comma to show the possession of clocks they do belong to people after all. I sip my coffee from a novelty mug, ho

Angel Bilodeau

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Angel walked out of some small burg near Lowell one night, hasn't gone back and except for her father threatening over the phone to come down to Boston and drag her back by a fistful of black hair, hasn't had any visitors pleading with her to straighten o

Snake and Duck

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Gloomy night slippery as snake and duck.


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T-Rex's arms are very short, so he uses his mouth to catch and throw the frisbee. The disc, an allopleuron shell, comes flying toward him and his powerful jaw muscles tense in anticipation. When he catches the turtle shell he wants to crush it between his teeth and knows…