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Mother of Two Sentences

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...dreams conceive a folk who grow through laughing, weeping, drooping eyes until her salted words are spent ...

Abre La Puerta

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My daughter, now four, can count to 15 in Spanish. How old are you? Cuatro. How old will you be on your birthday? Cinco. She likes Dora and thinks Diego is weird.

Keep Your Hands Off the Clients

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Her name was Carrie. And yes, it was love at first sight. Yes, she was a client, and you were supposed to keep your hands off the clients. Everyone in real estate knew that. She came into my office and took a seat in the reception area. I had a listing on


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Being the baby in a family forces a focused outlook on life. Not necessarily profound, not even wry, but a perspective that pushes for two things - recognition, and to be in on whatever is going on.


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He is leaning back against a pillar watching the dancing; a spectator to joy – both planned and spontaneous – that’s unfolding in bodies fourteen and fifteen years old in front of him.

Sunday Morning

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Six/Sex The day he was served with divorce papers in the driveway...


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There were no animals in our house when we were growing up. Except my father, of course. And the uncles who came to feast at our carcasses. Now I am old enough to know who the pets were. Now I have a shelter rescued puppy who sits by my feet and licks them when remembering…

The Legacy

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The old man had always known things, was feared and revered up and down the valley for knowing things. I’d heard the stories since the day I was born.

The Monsters Under the Lid

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... becoming their mother was so much easier as nature took her course from my lust...


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“He looks funny again,” the twins would say. “Cow looks funny, Mummy.”


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“I was just dreaming about you,” he said, sleepy-voiced. “What's for breakfast?”


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When the sky was thinner and water faster, we would chase the falling stars.

An Unreasonable Request

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My father continued to look over a copy of ‘Their Eyes were Watching God.’ He was penniless in his enthusiasm.

The Boy from Thuringia

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“The Boy from Thuringia” is part of a series of stories collectively called The History of Adoption. In it, a middle-aged man sets out rather obsessively to write a comprehensive history of the adopted child. In his attempts to finally begin this im

Opening Chapter from Mother's Beach

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He would be visible floating in the liquid nitrogen in the Plexiglas chamber, but the mechanisms for his maintenance would be silent. The building's electricity supplied power, but in the event of a power loss, an emergency generator would take over.