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a kid's guide to the art of the grift

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“We must never forget that we are children, and as children we dream, and when we dream, we dream of candy."

Friend of the Week

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“Is your husband abusive?” the therapist asks. Therapy is Kerry’s secret.

What If?

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“Can you adopt if you work for the circus?” I asked her

Minor Damage (Part I)

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Mommy Nate is yelling. An ember pops onto his booklet and burns black holes in the blue and yellow pages. Carla turns and knocks the paint thinner onto the floor. Thin rivulets of fire run across the rug, up to the couch where Petey is napping and around

Minor Damage (Part II)

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It begins with a deep purple zig a dark blue zag. She works the line over and over until the pastel crumbles and creates the texture she is after. Flames sharp and black surround the scar. A red spray of anticipation. The lonely sound of a basketball thum

A Safe Place

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I think of our first morning in front of the mirror and the hairbrush that we shared—the hairs in it brown from you, blonde from me. I miss this day and when I cannot sleep, I watch your window from my room until your light goes out. Sometimes, I can se

Some Things I Know

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(Ephraim) Shandreeka Jeffreys the most beautiful girl in the world. I know it true. She got skinny leg and arm but something bout her brown eyes special. Her hair shine in…


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As I fed Puff, I thought about the nightmare Lily shared with me that morning. She dreamed Puff had a hole in his throat and all his blood squirted out until he got as small and skinny as a deflated baloon.

to reggie, antarctic baby daddy

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What I want to know is where you proposed to that woman who will be your wife. Was it Shackleton’s hut? Was it where we heard the Weddell seals? Was it the McMurdo greenhouse where you keep the tomatoes and flowers?


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Lupe says stealing is bad whether it's from a Baptist or a Catholic.

Cheap and Convenient

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Later, when she said she'd had miscarriages, I should have put it all together.

The Uninvited Guest

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The first time I see her, she is slouched in a tire swing, pushing off with one foot and dragging the other beneath a dying pecan tree that probably hasn't made a nut in 20 years.


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The burgeoning grace her dancing showed was replaced with muscular awkwardness and limbs that didn't quite want to obey their master. But it was worse. The vivacious seven-year-old girl was gone and had been replaced by a frustrated two-year-old who kne

(7) Plus and Minus

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"Her actions in the city seemed invariably designed to destroy that person, which she’d worked so hard all her life to become."

for my mother on mother's day

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My mother, now a girl again, cares for ex-cons.