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The line of the unemployed wrapped back on itself like an accordion pleat and extended all the way across a great hall You could see the faces of them, bluish and drawn under the dim florescent lighting First in line were laid-off be

Dr. Nishad

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Sometimes she imagined the piles of Dr. Nishad's medical waste at the end of productive day at the hospital. Stacks and heaps of connective tissue, lung matter, gristle and bone, cancerous clumps of tongue and stomach and ropes of bad muscles like wrung,


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'That November I washed my hair with rabbit's blood -"

It's October, 1956.

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It's October, 1956 and my mother is told her sister has died. Were they sure? She had just seen her sitting in her science class that very morning, probably taking notes on emulsion and dispersion, twirling her pencil in the air as if mixing a Gimlet...

Off Shoots

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My name is Lassie.

And Came From Out Of The Waters

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In that lost age before the dinosaurs...


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What can I say about my brother, Stroman. We are twins and we hate each other. He is an honest, brave man with scruples. He is full of bullshit. He thinks I am morally twisted. He probably has a point there, but I don’t see what that has got to do with


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The moment you catch the first sight of the mistress, the person who occupies the cavern that you once inhabited, the dark, exquisite space in the mind, the body, do you recognize her?

Big City

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She takes her hamburgers medium rare and the pickles remind her of the taste of last night's penis before she stuffed the stranger's apologies in a jar.

Our Calm Was Born From Your Burning

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You found the old general rocking in his library, half asleep in the dog days of what he calls his retirement, a corncob pipe clenched between his withered graying lips. Rifle barrel leveled at your chest.…

The Highwayman Teaches Me About Sex and Death

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hooves moon dark latch eyes rope / Bess the landlord's daughter, the landlord's blackeyed daughter / gun breasts dress shame shouts blood blood blood

The Outlaw

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But my scars run deep.

Cognitive Therapy in Russian

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We aren't designed for darkness. Something deep inside of us, something much older and deeper than us is telling us to move away, get to warm, because if we don’t, come winter we will die.

No, You Don’t Know What I am Thinking

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Scratch his eyes out, flashed through Edgar's head, scratch his eyes out.

The Stick

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When you finally got blood from the hard stick You spotted the backflash of red And said Thank God. The woman’s legs and arms Were everywhere, and you were in the middle Holding her down with one hand while wielding A butterfly in the other. You stuc