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The Secret Animal

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Then Richard Devroe tried to wish himself as small as things would be if they were never coming back but nonetheless returned.

Trust In Wolves

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All wolves, my child, want to be eaten.

Samurai Kitteh

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She did not know the passage of time, for she was just a bedraggled little kitty, but she stayed behind the lattice for many rising and settings of the Sun. Whatever magic may have been in the last morsels she ate or the black water she climbed out of, sh

Spring Ice

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...I stared at my good dog with the same entreaty I saw in her eyes. Save us. Please.

Peripheral Anthropomorphism and the Fall of Troy

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For Hector it was animals. Rats, dogs, fish, and quite often horses – sometimes even lions. But for Achilles, it was always dead bodies.

Frida with Monkey, 1940

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It has scent, your heat, of jonquils and lime, of spices seared in a hot black pan.


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I’m not the creative type like my friend Bosely, an Irish Setter. I’m a traditionalist. I like to eat exactly at 8:30 a.m. and 6 p.m. I take my bone with me everywhere I go. I will not carry the poop-bag.

Killzone Excerpt: Curse or Gift?

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He charged into the house with great might, swinging the door open so hard the nails on the hinges were pulled right off.

My Bull

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the failures of human flesh

First Hangover

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the failure of human flesh

African Painted Dogs eat a child in my hometown

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I want to Photoshop real life. / Then the screaming starts again / and I remember to breath. / His mother screams for three days straight. / Nobody gets to escape. She doesn't know how to exist if she stops.

If My Book...

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If Single Stroke Seven were a cocktail, it would be a Bloody Mary made of one part Worcestershire sauce, the other part gas station vodka, and ketchup and hot sauce packets swiped from fast food joints. Chill with ice crystals chiseled off freezer walls,