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Things to Do in Prague

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We are not doing a good job of ignoring Pink Floyd.

Seasonal Discord

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“I killed a man.” “Whaaattt???” I'd been meditating on the sun. I figured he was trying to jolt me awake.

Like Worship

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I’m thinking, kiss me kiss me kiss me. You’re looking over the wine tasting menu and talking to the bartender.

Desert Wine/Manhattan Sour

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rusted house off to the left a chrome revolver off to the right desert hallucinations city undulations

This Old Man

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“Have I told you this one before?” I can’t think of one he hasn’t told me, but saying so won’t stop him. I fire up the FreeCell game, put the phone on speaker, and pour a tumbler of chardonnay.

Black Coffee

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“I read somewhere that memory and judgment are the first things clouded by alcohol.” “Memory would be okay,” she said.


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Lips to graceful curve, / Found a well from which / This dancing lifeblood comes / (Again and again)...

Like Worship

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The bartender keeps asking what you smell and you say: lemons, oak, and pear. I smell lust. We move to the reds. Pinot Noir. Cabernet Sauvignon. Port.

Icicles in California

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Jake is four years older than I am, and while back in high school it seemed like a wide chasm yawned between us, as we've grown older the distance has gradually shrank and shrank, until I returned home for winter break and found it was merely a thin trace

The Cooking Lesson

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His money isn’t just dirty. It’s filthy dirty. If I married him, I would be living on blood money.

Black Coffee

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“I don’t see how anybody could do it.” “I could do it. I could do it because it ought to be done. When a thing needs doing, it’s best to go on and do it.”


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I will die in Paris on a rainy day.

Babushka – Opening Night Review

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...will it be as overwhelmingly dull and tedious as de Sade?

Sunday Morning Series- 4: Roast Lamb of God

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Squeeze the Word into Flesh


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Normally I would have never drank such a wine, but it was late on a Friday evening and the bottle was on the house...