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In Case They Come Back

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He started to give us the history of the village below and of the monastery itself. The monk said that Germans had come to the village in tanks and jeeps, gathered together all of the men and they took the men—walking in single file up the steep cobblesto

sex tape

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we did it doggy style, so high. as a joke, she kept moaning, "João! Oh João!" we laughed wildly.


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to resurrect the dead/ to bread and wine


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to resurrect the dead/ to bread and wine

Darkness On My Mind

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Darkness on my mind doesn't make me blind.

Watering Cacti

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It’s time to untangle the reality of life from the dream-like warmth of another’s body.

Poems I posted on social media, late night, when I was drunk.

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my God, I have no time, no time

Leaving Las Vegas

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Now I'm out of fuel and on the side of the road, walking into the darkened trees, smearing mud on myself. I live in the forest now, I'll make a weapon from a simple rock and prosper.

The Green Eyed Monster

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So this is what hate feels like. I glare at her, across the room standing there with him. Tall, blond, slender, perfect complexion, adorable smile, and bright eyes; and him and his lean athletic build, soft square jawline, charming smile, deep blue gree

Same Grape, Different Name

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on this scenic route you will likely encounter a handful of bicycle spoke lobster traps.


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Days like this I operate this city on muscle memory.

Falling Horse, Stack of Demons

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No one has ever hurt a woman who is swinging a hammer and singing.

How Dinner With John Updike Ruined My Teaching Career

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Christmas Eve, 1989, I had dinner with John Updike.