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Amor or The Elegist

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In the rochambeau of mind, sword, and hand, Love trumps all; it addles the head, for it one slays and is slain, and it guides …

Dirty Laundry

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Tumbling from the fold of a fitted sheet—balled-up silk, some foreign lace. Things come and go in this house. Last night, an earring tangled in the wrong color hair, everything gone bloodshot and damp. The man's non-sequiturs circled the drain …

Bon Bons

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love notes yellowed through the years

Valentine Day

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Valentine Dayso excitingit means he really loves herwhat will he bringshe waitshe comes home with a hang dogexpression on his faceher valentine was leftat the gambling table

A Scoundrel Responds to His Critics

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Silk loves a curve, as do I

Stories in “Flamenco Sketches”

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It snows most of the night, four inches by daybreak, then the saxophone takes over.

Cardinal Senses

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This number will not dowhat of the senses of movement and timeand lacklove that painwe fill with which does not answerto either of five woundswhat of the visible silence of a blank pagethat scrawled onspeaks only its volute of inkis it noblerthe tattoo of a metered…


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Make cartography with your mouth...

The Center is Only Fabulous

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The center is only fabulous: / say (or even think) lover, ring / and the iron filings in your / brain flock to the groove that / goes on and on without you.

Traces in the Winter Sky

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Exhaling slowly and deeply, Tyler settled his back in against the saddle of the tree's broad trunk and let it all go.

Sex Coma

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If you were the ozone, I’d want to leave you gaping.


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“Tell me again,” you whisper softly, “about the songbird.”

and then I will ask you if it is beautiful.

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my love is not unlike a pile of trash