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Notes on Fauna and Dining Options

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Breakfast sausage is unique to the States

Dakar 1989

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Everyone runs to the plane but me. I get the last seat (middle of 5), crush men’s bags on my way. I’m white & female. They glare.

Just Back from Mexico

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Just back from Mexico where nothing reminded me how sadly I've given up on family and home; and already I've met the wife I've always avoided, and felt the landscape of my childhood drag at me like a sea-anchor.

The Sound of Barcelona

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There’s no obvious difference between two years ago and now but it’s not the moment to contemplate the reason for the racket or why it took so long. Instead, it’s the time to renounce atheism and thank God that the noise has finally finished

The Score

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His wallet came out with a little tug. Like his thingy, Cindy thought. His wallet, too, was a fact.

The Witch from Bilbao

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I remember the first time I saw her. I'd just pushed through the crowded bar and waited to place my order.

Close to Ireland (for the Paddy Group Challenge)

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The closest I've been to Ireland is Conwy castle on the coast of Wales. It was summer, mid-way through college. I was naive and dreamy then. I wandered historic and literary monuments throughout England and weighed my future options.

Pretend You Don't Exist

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A train came out of the dark to the platform they stood on, not billowing white-grey clouds of smoke, but flashing blue sparks from below. They boarded and sat on the straw seats offered, porcelained straps hanging from above, dark shadows flying past the

Almost There

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...children live in the moment like no one else. Which is a good lesson for us all, especially when crossing an ocean. Because out here you are alone with the rhythm of your thoughts and the ghosts of your past.

Celebrating Difference

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Because they boil bananas and I fry them.

Latitude Adjustment

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Down South now means August cold snap, the forties roaring my wool cap off my head.

Tribal Elder

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"Look at this," she says while thumbing through the guide book, "look at what we can do on Jooga Booga island. Says here, 'Parasailing over the sapphire blue sea, one soars hundred of feet above water-skiers, boaters, and snorkelers, and the picture is b

Serving Up Apathy

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"Did you want that with the shrimp or the chicken?" the waitress asked. "Uh, shrimp is fine" the old man replied. "I'll be right back with some more bread" the waitress plasters a fake smile on as she walks away. 'What the hell am I doing. I've got a BS i

The Diada Conspiracy

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The plan had been almost four hundred years in the making, ever since that fateful September 11th in 1714 when Barcelona fell to the Bourbon army who had been laying siege at its city walls.

Round the World Now

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It's true that he had always been more pure than her, looking for the authentic experience, authentic food. And more adventurous. Blogging their way around the world, yes, that had been his idea . . .