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Silence For Yes

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Karina used to point at boys on the street and tell me if they were Puerto Rican or Dominican, like those were the only two things you could be. One time she pointed out a Puerto Rican boy and I said, “Oh, like your father, Julio.” She stopped walking


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I remember ...all the teenagers offered no-longer favored CDs, last year's cell phones, third-place trophies, team jerseys, played-out videogame cartridges, and candy-colored miniature stuffed animals...

Tyler is learning about girls.

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Tyler has a Mars bar in his jeans pocket. It’s warm and soft. He tries to insert it.

Jumping Beans

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The red laser flashes. He asks if I have an Ace Rewards card. I can't even answer because my beans have stopped jumping. I wonder if the laser light harmed them. Then one jumps and another, and I hand the boy some money, suddenly very fond of my beans.


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Palms planted firmly against his temples, Travis paced the room like a caged animal. Giant black bats screeched in his brain, their pointy wings scraping at the edges of his cranium.


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I'm waiting for your voice. My trembling hand is so damp the phone could slip from my fragile grasp at any moment. Each ring burns in my ear and makes the washing machine in my stomach tumble faster and faster. After three rings, or it could be four, or forty, I hear…


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I was sleeping in a pile of teenage bodies soft limb spread over soft thin limb.

Soon to Be a Minor Motion Picture (excerpt)

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Man, you never ceased to crack me up! If you thought you'd just been called a homo, you probably wouldn't want to try to disprove it by grabbing hold of a naked guy and wrestling him to the floor of a shower room.

Get Well Soon

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The boy lay silent for a moment, listening to the youth-quake of splashes and giggles that filled the pool. He would have liked to ogle the winsome beautes, the ‘girleens’ as he liked to call them, but seeing as how his mother was present, not to mention

1969 Oldsmobile Delta 98

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At sixteen and living six point four miles from a town of 1800 people, a car is the only means of independence.

Emma Louise

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Emma Louise is walking over a concrete bridge when she spies, out of the corner of her eye, a man fishing, waist deep, in the river tumbling below. She is thinking that the water must be very cold on this autumn day, when she sees an extraordinary thing.

One Night Stand

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this is not about what I want

I Can Dance With You All Night.

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The steam and odor of teenagers coated with subwoofers spitting dirty, dance playlists filled our cafeteria. The walls were painted by lights that regurgitated the colors of our glow sticks—the neon greens, blues, purples, and oranges. There was more of

You Can Wear Skinny Jeans

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He looks at me again, this time glancing down at my skinny jeans, “And... are you a single mom?” he seems to think he has it right, taking a last look at my aquamarine colored pants and the tapered area around my calves.

Mall Flower

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I’ve blown out my shag haircut and it’s big. BIG-big.