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Fortune's No Favor

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At 12:00, his wife called. Right on schedule. But he didn't hear the phone--the Bose headphones did their job. He saw his call-light blinking, saw her number on the caller ID, then watched as the voice mail notification went live. He kept eating and r

The Secret Animal

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Then Richard Devroe tried to wish himself as small as things would be if they were never coming back but nonetheless returned.

Dust to Water

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I stand near the old pier, looking out over Lake Wendouree. There has been enough rain to make a difference - the lake is filling slowly and soon it will cover Edith Delaney’s secret forever or for at least another lifetime.

Everything and Nothing

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Joe thought of Evelyn. Walt of Charley. Annabelle dreamt of Paolo in an autumn in Cordoba. Everyone who stayed at Mrs Jackanoe’s guest house in Room 17 and found the note also found some long forgotten feelings.


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“Pupilo Durcál!” She yelled. “You stupid pendejo!” He limped along without another glance. Rosa suddenly realized her dreams all week were really omens.


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For you – because you deserve more effort


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I rifled through the bedside table until I found dirty magazines

The Secret

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Her hair when she bent over flipped across her face and caused a short but alterable period of sight deprivation. The thought that occurred to her during this brief interval centered on the day her mother came home from work and discovered a horror in the kitchen. To this…

Billy, Ray & Melvin Have Their Say

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up against the strippers’ backstage trailer where Billy is soon enough spraying black bowel blood in geyser arcs, spitting teeth like ivory beads popped from the long wavy crimson chin strings;

Wonder Woman

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Not every day a battle is won.

Secrets / Cigarettes

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We gave our cigarettes names.


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scars spackled over with mock veneer

The Secret Bookstore

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Here was a book called The Secret Bookstore, about a character who goes into a bookstore and finds a book called The Secret Bookstore in which a character goes into a bookstore only to find himself reading a book he has written called The Secret Bookstore

in caring

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familiar people passing closely faces we recognize but cannot place

Tinkler Man

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As the light changed and exhaustion set in, Suzy and Molly batted back and forth one more knock knock joke to avoid going home.