by Johnny Dantonio

In one of our first conversations

I found out you enjoyed secrets - 

blogs and books of them, rather -

prose revolving around anonymous intmacy.

Since then,

I've been compiling and collecting

every word and way

that may persuade you

to share your secrets

with me.

I practiced for endless hours -

minutes I swore I'd never reveal -

memorizing and perfecting

conversations to

arrest your intrigue.

Once captured,

I planned to 

chain that attention

and never unlock it

until it wanted to stay

by choice.

  But plans change.

Life intrudes and maims hypotheticals;

it makes a mess of romance.

I — foolishly —

allowed the everyday 

to derail my personal promise

to astound you.



I will whisper you 

the world

until your world

is simply

my secrets.