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Generational Loss

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I realize most automatonical authors stick to non-fiction, but if my work bears any resemblance to real automatons or events, I assure you it is purely coincidental.

The Star Witness

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The green horn backed creatures growled and gurgled in their metal cages. Each time the monitor flashed, they clawed the air. Two people in blue lab coats stood and stared at the giant monitor before them

Rabid Atween Da Erz

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yoo evva kizza rabid atween da erz? end chee siz NO end din yoo siz yoo wanna kizza rabid atween da erz? end chee siz OK end yoo pull yoo


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Not everybody sees Father. Not Mom, not Dad, not even my little brother, Andre, and he see lots of things. Me, I need to.

Broken Bulbs - Chapter One

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And here I am again. I chew my nails. I tap my foot. I chew my nails. I sweat. I bleed. My nose bleeds. It drips. I drip. I'm dripping through my chair.

Bonnie: The Uninspired Muse

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He has such a stupid look on his face, with that bulbous nose and ugly tooth. “What do you mean you quit?” “I quit, Wally. I’m done. It’s over.” “Bullshit!” “Seriously. I want out.”

She's a Mystery Girl

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I looked into those eyes. Those blue eyes. Those blue eyes that weren’t my brown eyes.

Cleaning Up After the Champion

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Ever since the comet missed earth, then bathed us all in its radiant tail, things on earth have been topsy-turvy. The comet's tail gave a few people super-powers; almost all of them were good folks, though some were brighter than others.

Bicycle Boys

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They would ride with a mechanic synchronicity, like schools of robotic fish, and appear and disappear suddenly, never still, never trapped in traffic snarls, always finding a way through the gridlocks and the side streets.

The First Run

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It was hard for me to believe that such a thing was made. What other mode of transportation could possibly be made in this era? My first thought when I watched a science fiction show on television, was teleportation. I dismissed this as fiction.

The Messenger, Chapter 1

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It's hard to say who was the first to point a finger towards the sky. Maybe it was the cherubic overall-clad toddler perched on the shoulders of his father's worn brown leather jacket. Maybe it was one of the teenaged girls, their long straight hair whipp

Free At Last

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And how was it? that God had seen fit to give such funny hands to the enemy. Heavy and strong, their pinch threatening, the boy recalled how the crab held them high. On hands and knees he took another careful peek under the tilted bucket to satisfy himsel

Starfight (working title)

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In the sky, like it was a big movie screen, two ... well, she didn't even know what they were, but it was clear they were fighting. The one on the left, which looked something like a man, was dressed in some kind of loose blue and red tunic with baggy pan

The Messenger, Chapter 2

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"Something happened to me, Rasul, and I got these powers for a reason ... then I just happened to have a karaoke buddy who happens to have grown up in a family of magicians, who knew something about what I was going through?  That's *fate*!"

Another Big Dumb Object

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"James, can you take a peek at problem://7ac5e46f today?" "It's just another big dumb object. Seems low priority." "Escalated by the directorate."