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Beyond Logic: The Spectral Line

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What you are about to experience is surreal. A moment in time and space that transcends past your comprehension. Where the fallacy of your imagination are unbounded by the limitation of your reality. Release your mind, and see all things… Beyond Logic.

Falling Earthward

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Mission specialist Taylor kept having the same dream over and over again: the space capsule breaks up on re-entry, all the astronauts are killed, and his remains are picked over by coyotes in Texas. His psych's macabre sense of humor doesn't help.

The Rodeo of Doom (Excerpt)

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Today is the last day of the semester. It also marks the end of my tenth year as what is referred to as an adjunct, an appendage, a necessary but unidentifiable tentacle in the College of Architecture at Andreas Tangen University in Los Angeles.

The Maze

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The man with the truncheon emerged at the monorail car's forward connecting doorway. One moment the space was vacant, a faux-metal canvas for the dazzling sunlight streaming through a grime-encrusted window. When next Theseus Harrow looked up from his seat the…

Pharaoh's Revenge

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The first intimation that something was afoul was when his computer crashed.


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While space and time opened up for us, the ground accelerated its attempts to devour the astronaut. Grasses grew up around his edges. Seeds propagated in the folds of his suit, tendrils found their way into the mysterious holes for the missing hoses that

An Orb for a Better World

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Max sighed. Solving for x was boring, so mind numbingly boring that he didn't notice the flickering blue light hovering in his room. It crackled and popped, growing until a shimmering rectangle stretched from floor to ceiling.A hand pushed out from the rectangle, and a…


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It was in the last expulsion/explosion (theories differ) that we became OneWith. Tsunami. Seism. Zud. All matter cast out outcast came back like a gangster on crack. What did it think it was? Who do we think we are? It thinks we think it thinks…


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Gamo knows the Master doesn't make idle requests and orders the secret issue of weapons to the student priests, who now stand gathered at Kang's back. Swords, spears and shields are quietly handled and hidden from the Mantidean's view. Dr. Kang continues


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Trollo Martinez was wearing a pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses and an old LA Community College T-Shirt. He needed to find some water so he could down the 5milligram tab of Ritalin in the palm of his hand.

The Gray (Novel Excerpt)

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Algernon waited in the darkness, and the darkness welcomed him. It clung to him like a blanket as he lounged in his leather seat, clung like the hands of a lover, pressing him comfortably into his great, plush chair, hovering about his mouth like an unspoken…

Black Ribbon

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The highway stretches out in front of me, a black ribbon winding into the future; a collapsing probability of possibility connecting me with the past and through it to the future.

When Hadrons Collide

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When hadrons collide they’re not always Swiss. They may be cheese or neutral but that isn’t of my concern. Look at them, touch them, feel them, the quirks of the antiquarks, masonic mesons, baron baryon.

Artesian Moon

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If you want job security on this planet, you'd better study art.

Steve Jobs in Hell

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Everyone asks that question. The short answer is: he brought it on himself.