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The Impossible Man - Ep.1 : The Employee, the Package, and the Oddity

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WARNING!! The following story was crazy. And by was, I mean, it had already happened. It was an entertaining lie, within another lie. In the end, I should have read the sign telling me to ‘Check my sanity at the door and place my rationale in the closet

Nell Shea

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When the baby's head crowned, Nell let out a scream, arched her back, and started to hyperventilate. With her eyes nearly popping from her head, she finally gained control of her breathing.

Nell Shea - II

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"Mephistopheles, at your service. I can help you. For a fee, of course."

Nell Shea - III

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The emotional conflict raging inside of Nell cast a different light on her mother, a less critical light. Where she once saw her mother as foolishly superstitious, she now saw her as spiritually insightful.

Nell Shea - a synopsis

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Nell Shea opened the door for Satan to enter Earth's world as a human

The Impossible Man - Ep.2: Enter the Magical Girl

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Michael turned off the answering machine and leaned back on the couch. He looked up to the ceiling feeling a headache from this new ordeal his mother got him in.

Channel Zero

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A killer enters the room. No one notices, and the show goes on.

The Impossible Man - Ep.3: Silent Partner

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Remember that warning I gave back in Episode 1. Well if Episode 2 didn’t establish why I gave that warning, Episode 3 will. Believe me, it’s something that goes beyond what you could comprehend.

The Impossible Man - Ep.4: The Chupacabra is Out There

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They check the alleys where cats jumped off garbage cans, running away. They visited the zoos where the attacks occurred looking for clues.

The Impossible Man - Ep.5: Rumble Under the Jungle

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The shopkeeper felt his body lifted up in the air. He flipped over and saw the jaws of the gator, wide enough to swallow him whole.

The Impossible Man - Ep.6: Step into the Squared Circle

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The wrestler took his arm and made the shopkeeper run to the ropes. As Michael bounced off the ropes and ran back to Lobo, the wrestler jumped up and stretched his legs into the storeowners face.

The Impossible Man - Ep.7: It Always Comes Back

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Michael saw a bus picking up the last passenger nearby. He ran toward it and just before the doors closed, he threw the spoon inside.

The Impossible Man - Ep.8: Sale of the Century

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Twenty-four hours passed since the landlord issued his challenge to Michael to claim the apartment building. Everything in the store was in place.

The Impossible Man - Ep.9: A Day of Madness. What?! Get Out of Here! No Really, Go!

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As soon as Yuki placed the food on the counter, Michael, Jamal and Dom Coqui gathered around ready to eat. The magical girl turned around with a smile and pulled out slips of paper from her pocket.

The Impossible Man - Ep. 10: Round 1.

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With all the things going on around The Impossible Man’s Anime and Manga Shop, I am quite surprised that you have made it this far.