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The Convert

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On the days when I go out and I see the townspeople, some of the curious children ask me, “What do you pray for all day long? What do you pray for up in your temple?”

Vernon, Last Seen In Hawaii

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Dear Bess — I go to the First Assembly of God's church. (a Praising Spirit-Filled Fellowship.) It is in Maui. Dr. James Morocco, Senior Pastor. He has been pastoring the church for over twenty years. My, what a big change I am finding in my new l


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“The prayers of continuing any act simply because we started the act, for no other reason, Amen.”

Riposi in Pace.

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It was too young to be love. We were 5, a buzz-cut me, and you, plated with babyteeth

Put Your Trust in God

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God is my stomach.

Silent Night

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The church of the self.

(4) Caution

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“You shouldn’t have gone inside,” he said, after she told him what had happened. “I know that’s what you’re used to doing here, with people we know. But he’s not from around here. Don’t go back over there, okay?”

A Prayer for Adelaide

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The prayers are often beautiful, like poems,/ giving shape to deepest needs./ I don’t ignore but collect them all.

A Prayer for Adelaide

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Any God we could respect/ would listen, kind, to prayers,/ compassionate but resolute –

'Operation Scorpion': Coming Soon, to a Theatre Near You!

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Spontaneous Sunrise Prayer

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Oh God: Thank you for this beautiful world. It must be difficult. In some parts of the world, women are forbidden to pray while menstruating, lest they contaminate you. In other parts of the world they are told to not indulge in manmade medication but…


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Girl Praying

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and evil thrives without apology