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Circling '84

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Other things are on my mind when the Tupperware lady says, "First, let's move your couch over by the door and the table here."

Ring, Ring, Ring

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If this is trouble, please call someone else.

Castanets '84

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At 1 a.m. Route 205 is empty. Del drives. Carla sits in the darkness with the directions to the Nassau County Jail on her lap...


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... if they called her Mother, would she take them home and raise them?

Road Work '92

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This is how she does it: Forward………… ...Reverse..........…….....Forward..........……...Reverse

Science Homework

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The difficulty of disabled parenting was predictable, but nothing could prepare me for having to say goodbye to my wife again on problem #7.

Second verse, same as the first

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Most people assume I’m gay, and have assumed I’m gay since I was in fifth grade. Maybe sooner. Maybe fifth grade is just my first memory of recognizing what other people believed true about me. But coming out as a gay man in 1987, when I was in fifth gra

Someone for Everyone Parts 1-10: A work in progress

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“Well, aren’t you the cutest thing?” Shelly looked around for the source of the line and one of the better looking bar flies met her gaze. He wore a faded t-shirt with a swoosh graphic that read ‘Just Do Me‘. True to its mystical nature, her indefatigabl

When I Uninvited my Father to Paris

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Even though my father died when my children were young, they know exactly who their Grandpa is. He is the me I swore never to be.

Zack Time

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The Suicide Hotline shift ends early enough that Ian gets home at five in the morning, and Zack is waiting, t-shirt on backwards. He is three; every five in the morning is Zack time.

Prince Harry Was Naked

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I remember the sound of it- the shatter, the way he'd calm after the impact and begin to beg, in his still child-like voice, slowly regaining control, "Mom, do you still love me? You do, still love me, don't you?"

My Little Blue Angel

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"You're killing me. You're killing me," he shrieked

Breast Pumping

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At your baby's birth a nurse comes in,chanting the mantra "breast is best"and before you know it, she's got your sonand she's pushing his face toward your chest.He huffs and puffs, breathes in, breathes out.Frantically looking for the food sourcethe nurse's cold fish hand…

They Don't Call! They Don't Write! But at Least they Have a Dog Blog

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“I spent the best years of my life raising you, and now that you've grown, I never hear from you.” Sound familiar? That's the “Mom's Lament.” Mothers have been kvetching at their grown-up kids like this since the beginning of…

Imparting Shots

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He knows why I’m here, so he stalls, talking about the coffee, about how it’s a new dark blend from a little shop in The Village, about how he loves the flavor, so rich, but just because a coffee is dark doesn’t mean it’s stronger, that, in fact, it’s the