William Henderson

Location Boston, Massachusetts
Occupation writer
Website http://hendersonhouseofcards.com

About Me

I tell people that for a year my life was Modern Family meets The Good Wife meets Alice in Wonderland. I got lost for a while. Down was up and the hero, or who I thought was the hero, was no hero. I am not a sympathetic character, but you'll end up loving Holly, my wife, who will one day be my ex-wife. Everyone does.

I rarely read directions, seldom follow instruction, and am never far from my phone, where I am often tweeting (@Avesdad) or blogging (hendersonhouseofcards.com). A former newspaper and magazine reporter and editor, I freelance when I can, but mostly I write about love. I am a frequent contributor to Thought Catalog, and have been published in the Rumpus, Mental Shoes, Revolution House, Specter Literary Magazine, and Used Furniture Review, among others. I write a bimonthly column for Hippocampus Magazine, regularly contribute to Peripheral Surveys+, and published my first chapbook, Edgeways, through NAP Literary Magazine, in 2011. I have also been nominated for a 2012 Pushcart Prize.

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Robert Vaughan – Dec 26, 2011

Welcome to Fictionaut, Wiliam!

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