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The Sun from Under Water

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There was a thing she liked to do in the pool—after running and sweating—and that was to exhale as much air as she could stand, then hold her nose and sink to the bottom and just look up at the surface of the water, the way the sun hit it, the way the liq

Energy Eater, from King David

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“When I was in Vietnam, lying in that horseshoe-shaped rice paddy after I’d been hit, I was waiting to die. I was fully expecting to die, Mr. Steadman."


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His mother was not an aw-come-here-honey-and-give-me-a-hug type mom. She was the kind of mother who, if you had some kind of problem, would suggest that perhaps it might be a good idea to volunteer (she was really big on volunteering) at some sort of orga

A fog

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In the middle of this square an old tree sits, bare and vulnerable. Its branches are like forks and handles, like the webbed veins of a bloodshot eye. They are vast and scattered.

State Fair

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My brother won a model airplane contest, the year he turned nine.

Thick With Memory

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I didn't know how much longer I could do this...

Excerpt from a novel currently being resurrected - title be damned at the moment ...

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He wished that sarcasm came in a bottle, a thing you could buy in a bar, like gin. "Sarcasm and bitters, bartender, on the rocks with a twist of lime." He said. "Make it a double."

Night Letters to Saint Jude (An excerpt)

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Jimmy’s brother went right up to Anna and swore, right there in front of the whole neighborhood, he was gonna kill the dude that did it.

I didn't know Nostradamus played in McNamara's band (Novel excerpt)

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You could not see them, the enemy. The trees were not the enemy, but were, instead, collaborators, hiding them.

The House that Tien Built

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--Explicit content-- I had to see her face, you see. Eyes wide open...

Brighter than Bright

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The snow continuues to fall in slow motion, the world unhurried and deliberate. But inside my head, everything accelerates...

An Artist is Born

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she walks up to the lake of spiraled colors, yellow and green ...

James the Least

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Jude turned to the taller man, James, touched his elbow and whispered. “I’m not crazy.” “Jude, you are crazy. But it’s okay.”

Cherchez l'homme (Look for the Man)(Revision)

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When things are milling along brilliantly cherchez l'homme, when the personal plot veers toward tragedy, cherchez l'homme, encore.

Shiva's Arms

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Alice did not know how long she had been lost. Her head crowded with strangers and when Ram came to her, he left in tears. The young doctor, his florid face already marked by a fine network of red veins across nose and cheeks, ran in every few hours, ran out again…