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The Friend Catcher

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The morning after Charlotte killed her father, the air tasted like lead and the sky was gun metal grey.

Just leave it and get out.

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The money stank on the table. Money is dirty she said, one of the dirtiest things. So many people touch it. This pile of brine would not explain its reek, only demanded that we accepted its stench as requisite. It had to have been the cash that stank, prior to its arrival…

Kitchen Knife (n.)

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Kitchen Knife (n.)1. A standard kitchen tool consisting of a sharp blade attached to a handle intended for cutting, peeling, chopping, slicing, and dicing.2. Used primarily for food preparation (see also BUTCHERING; BACKSTABBING; JACK THE RIPPER; DEATH BY A THOUSAND…

Excerpt from Ars Atrocitatis

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"We were ready to make art out of anyone"

The Corners

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For years I dreamed of murder. Truck drivers, bikers, hitchhikers. More often the girl whose family was driving her to college.

Seventy-two Hours or Less

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If she was so much as a rounding error off on her count, her beautiful face would all-too-soon feature the most indelicate of scars


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Ethel Smidgen sat at the kitchen table, stirring her tea, thinking of her Tom. Dead ten years to the day. Old Tom. Drownded in a gin vat at the Gibson's Gin factory on Splutter Street.

They call them capers

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This luscious lady fairly reeked of exotic perfumes with names like the gods of French erotica. She was wrapped in Armani, and accessorized with trinkets and leathers you can only find in the upscale, trendy boutiques of the Galleria.

The Way is Dark, the Road Long

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The day I got out of prison the sun was shining.

Over the Edge

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People been going off edge of these cliffs sixty years, and probably sixty years afore that. Forever, probably. When the wind's up. And it's howling. These cliffs ain't a place to be. There's one, two a month, go over sometimes.


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I got me this job. Puttin things in boxes. Mostly doors, you know, them slidin ones on the backs of lorries. We pack em in cardboard and wood, and they go all over the country. All over the world.

A Night In a String Of Long Nights

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Whatever innocence Michelle had brought to the game was long gone, even the part where she dreamed she was the star of a righteous, asskicking movie.

Ladies' Day

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Virginia Westlake. Poor Virginia Westlake. Thirty years a golfing widow. Her husband, Derek, he was a big man at the club. Spent his life there. Meetings for this. Meetings for that. Ladies' Days and Captain's Days. Society Days and Charity Days.And he told…


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'Lift my head,' he says, quiet. Blood comin out the side of his mouth. 'Let me gaze at the stars one last time.'

Snowlands -A Penny Dreadful- Canto II

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“Are ya’ plannin’ on meetin' with a lover for lunch, Sheriff? Afraid she’ll notice you’re gaining weight? S’okay, ya’ know. She’ll be willing to overlook it, seein’ as how ya’ got a good government job an’ all.”