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Night and Day and

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wonder what I will / into life versus out of / habit let happen

Saturday Night at the Yeti Fight

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“What part of ‘only bettors can watch the Yeti fight’ do you not understand?!”, he yelled. “Either place a bet or get the hell out of here!” I begrudgingly gave him all of the money I had on me, about two hundred, and placed it on Demonio B


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She noticed the bony claws protruding from under the tattered cloak, the sagging ectoplasm that seemed to drip from the specter's gaseous mouth.

Wall and Key

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I couldn't sleep so I got up and put on my robe and my work boots. I went out to the shed and got the rusty old sledge hammer.


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Their crush moves to open underfoot a hatred for fire-colors, same when animals bed down and smell ashes dreaming,

Quickly The World Blurs

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On the drive home they are silent, like diffident strangers sharing a bus bench, though sometimes she rests her hand lightly on his leg, and when she does that his arm brushes against hers as he switches gears.


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I grabbed the overhead rail, flexing my biceps and easing my pelvis in his direction.

The Soft, Cool Blanket of Night

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wrap me in the soft, cool blanket of night. waning,the moon peers down at melike the heavy-lidded eye of some cyclops. and if I be lost like poor Odysseus,cloak me in the soft, warm wool of night. and if my eyes fail me like old Tiresias,stitch the cloth with…

My Love For You Is Real

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Caroline smiles before reaching out to touch a shapeless shadow dancing on the wall, closing her eyes as the bumps in the primer serve brail to oncoming dreams.

Ante Meridiem

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Still dipped in night...

Cape Town

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Her breath is sweet, warm and soft, coated in expensive liqueurs.

A Night in Saudi Arabia

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I walk through nameless streets, narrow and winding, past shops selling scarves, spices, skins.

A Walk in the Dark

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Eleanor smiled, knowing it was too dark for him to see it. “I am not out here by choice, having both faculties to think and the will to use them,” she said, coolly. “While I do not wish to meet these infamous replies, it is illogical to stand in one sp


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most interesting, i investigate all of this at 1:15 on a thursday morning and consistently contradict my assumptions while simultaneously validating them.

Night and the spell that gave me peace

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When you have lived with pain so long, you grow old and the old man inside of you takes over. That’s just the way it is.