by Johnny Dantonio

haha i swear like the last 19 radars are pics that i post days before. yes, i am bitter, but why? it's so funny that we collect people like boyscout badges these days — facebook friends, followers, links — does it make us more interesting? more relevant? and if yes, to whom? i am fascinated by these trends of digital self-assurance. we expose parts of ourselves or our psyches in hopes of attention, no? myself included — i guess i created a blog a long time ago to see thoughts and inspiration and writing within an actual medium. subconsciously, that too, is rather funny: “oh, look at that. i literally was just thinking Gael Garcia Bernal is a great actor, and here is a picture and quote that says just that.” and then maybe someone likes it, retweets it, hearts it. and there's… what? excitement? not really. there's a virtual head nod, really; “yeah, me too,” if you will. and so we gain confidence - “if people like GGB like me, perhaps they'll enjoy this bon iver song, this van gogh fact, this other cool thing that is cool, but also relatively rare because what i post must underline my originality or unveil a trait or value.” perhaps we're all just silly. shouldn't we be looking at each other to tell each other these things. isn't there more intimacy in a coffee conversation about outer space or lebron james? sure, maybe social media let's us connect when like-minds are apart, but maybe we don't want to be un-apart at all.

most interesting, i investigate all of this at 1:15 on a thursday morning and consistently contradict my assumptions while simultaneously validating them.