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From the Reader's Ingest, Mouth Theory

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After an extended period of time Professor Pulmorton had concluded his study, an undertaking as important as any conducted by the mind of man.


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most interesting, i investigate all of this at 1:15 on a thursday morning and consistently contradict my assumptions while simultaneously validating them.


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I can feel the beat of a drum in my chestIt beats, regulating the highway systemsThat course through this vessel of lifeIf there is enough concentration, maybeThere will be felt the passage ofPlatelettes through the tunnels andChambers, the feeling of oxygen passingFrom…

Happy Hour

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“You’d be a lot more popular if you’d tell happier stories.” “Tell that to Stephen King and all the serial killer authors. What happy little stories do you remember?”


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Lost in the depths of my mind I become euphoric whilst my words lust paper A thought, one that foretells true inspiration Is swiftly buried amongst those that covet.

Me And My Liberal Friends

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“Thank God The Yogurt Store Was Open!”. I knew this would cause cynics to seethe about me and my #FirstWorldProblems. While those less with the times or from many years of vanilla ancestry, might become racist themselves, indicating that I was suffering f

The Shop Girl

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Just a little shop girl in for the summer. Working on a typewriter. Barely knowing where the keys were. That was her. She was terrible at it. He was in a suit. He looked short, and thin, but something about him was captivating. He was in his own way hands

During My Daily Commute

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in moving cars i am small; in moving cars i am invisible.