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Mr Goosevort

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The moon shifted to a sanguine core, floating in the distant silence -- clouds of solid black roved and sailed.


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"leaves &damage, &shifts of shape"

From The Darker Blog Of Charles M. Shulz

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Patti, wish I'd the balls to make it with you ... but all I can ever do is draw

Terror of Nod

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onward, soldier

Nighttime Dreaming

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"You've fallen out of love with me, is that it? That you'll leave me for another girl, who has bigger boobs and fucks you better than I do."

The Dreamers

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I sleep as if sleep were a hair shirt

The Night

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Meanwhile stars continue to surprise...

moon soon sun

367367 views33 comments00 favs thatevening comes.stretching across alleywaysand four lane streetsblanketing the troubles of you and mequieting the rustle of tree leaves into first position,stilllike that evening comes.and soon the moonarches high to a place we cannot reachthe sky is blinking…

Snake and Duck

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Gloomy night slippery as snake and duck.

A Small Piece of the Night Life

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It made him feel better to imagine she was someone else, someone he didn't know. This comfort bothered him

The Late, Late Show

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This is my secret source of income, you see....

Swashbuckling in the Dark: Prologue

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The night sky was scorched red with fire; the once peaceful night now had become a living nightmare. At first, it had been the distant booming of cannon fire, but now the terrified screams tore through the night. Louder still was the ringing in my head and the sound of…

Killzone Excerpt: Feeding The Wrong Fire

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"To feed the wrong fire, is to burn the house in the wrong forest." -Shan Shaikh

Morning Night (1)

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Sunday Night She wasn't hungry, hadn't eaten for days, wouldn't even touch the food I took time off my fuckin' schedule to bring her myself. I walked through puddles of dirt and dog shit, I did. By the time she opened the door after four knocks, I was drenched,…

Morning Night (2,3,4)

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Monday MorningI wake slowly. My breath still escapes me. He's asleep on the sofa, legs hanging, hand hanging, lips hanging, a river of saliva somewhere. He tries to be the one that's okay when I'm not, but really he's just as bloody as I am. I wait til he starts to…