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Bacon's Blood (55)

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In the name of God, ladies and gentlemen...

Bacon's Blood (56)

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Set-up to the holy-shit chapter

Mother O'Grady's Last

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Christmas night was closing in at the Cantrips alehouse in Aberdeen, a firm favourite for riggers and other men and women who lived life close to the horizon. Sometimes, on a Saturday night, things might get a bit rowdy but Mother O'Grady would stand firm and bring out…

Bacon's Blood (57)

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lunchus interruptus

Bacon's Blood (58)

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Jury? We don't need no steenkin' jury!

Bacon's Blood (59)

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Penultimate chapter...I hope.

Bacon's Blood (60)

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We begin the reveal.

Bacon's Blood (61)

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This is it. Last chapter. (an epilogue will follow)

Bacon's Blood (Epilogue)

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What's a snippet?

Purple Lady, Lavender Afternoon

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—Pretty tulips, said the woman.

'Til Death Unparted

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He woke to scents of lavendertied in a lilac ribbon,flowers on his pillowa soft hand at his cheek.She whispered love forever And his life fell apart. Morning spoke of love refound,sunlight sailed across the roombut dreams of softest momentsmelted in the…

Wet funeral

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I know now, how she moves without verbs after you crushed her into the river.

New Story In PANK

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The gecko instinctively knew that if he moved, he was dead.

The Red Suitcase: Part 1

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He had become an accessory to a murder.

It happened

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She became a murderer in all the stages of her life she could not seem to succeed