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First Shot (26)

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“Are you...are you sure you're alright? You haven't dropped acid or anything, have you..."

First Shot (31)

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Some of the blood splattered my tunic.

First Shot (30)

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...Himmler killed Gunther after Gunther...

First Shot (32)

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First Shot (33)

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First Shot (34)

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Two Cocktails on an Empty Stomach

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"You're drunk!" he shouted. "How do you expect me to make Civitan president with YOU for a wife?"

First Shot (35)

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...Mulder and Scully...

First Shot (36)

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...once when he got up to pee...

First Shot (38)

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The woman followed them into the house.

First Shot (37)

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"Getting a little spooked..."

First Shot (39)

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...Amelia Earhart.

First Shot (40)

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Previously Salzwedel brings his student out to the car where Blow discovers the student is not a boy, as he had assumed. Sarah, the student, blurts out that she blames herself for her grandfather's death.

First Shot (41)

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We left Blow, Salzwedel and Sarah at Gramps's store, with Sarah about to tell her teacher and the young lawyer why she blames herself for her grandfather's death... [cue up studio organ]

First Shot (42)

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In the last episode, Sarah explains what led up to Gramps's death. She gives Blow a box containing what she says are her great-great grandfather's personal papers. In this scene, Lt. Callahan takes Blow to the place he believes a murder was committed.