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Trillion Dollar Odds

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What are the odds that two elderly brothers independently coming up with the same winning number on different lotto tickets for a trillion-dollar jackpot and both ending up dead?

Killed Twice Dead

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An old woman confesses to Detective Marlee Fountain that after 50 years of marriage, she killed her husband - twice.

Ultra Menoetius

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With ten minutes till closing time, the elderly drug store clerk is rudely interrupted from reading the newspaper by a female customer demanding a pack of Ultra Menoetius - the razor blades, not the condoms.

Circling The Drain

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A night owl is disturbed to find the assistant leasing manager at his apartment door with an unusual list of things not to flush down the toilet.


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Later he confessed...

The Misanthrope Confesses

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I murdered my inner child/ at 7 and neither denied/ nor confessed the act until now.

Anything That Moves

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Joshua Sylvia Bishop sat down with the innocent dignity of a boxer, at his first job, assistant director of independent programming for the Chinaplaz Company, reporting weekly to Madison Henley, the chief exec, at pre-boardroom briefings in Denver. Henley had been a…

Last Act

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I'm going to die if I don't get some kind of wine in my blood.

Cleaverly Done!

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‘what’s the hassle kiddo, chopping meat is fun, come here and listen to the music of the chop, the sound of steel ripping through air, slicing through flesh and hitting wood, poetry I say’.

First Shot (1)

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First chapter, new novel.

First Shot (3)

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“Is Gunther...was he a bad principal?”

First Shot (5)

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First Shot (8)

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First Shot (10)

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“Come in,” she said...

First Shot (13)

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